Understanding God


    This is a simple work about understanding the nature of all things, our own spirit, and what that means to us in our everyday lives

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About the Book

This is not a work of religion or philosophy. It does not preach. It is not religious, it is not polarizing, it does not have an agenda.

Understanding our relation to our own spirit and to all other things is fundamental to living an honest life—which is all we can ask of anyone. It's the one truth that can (and should) always guide our way.

This book strips concepts of spirituality, metaphysics, and religion to their most basic forms to help you evaluate your beliefs and form the principles that guide your decisions.


About the Author

infinityThe author of this book remains anonymous because... who they are doesn't matter. The sole purpose is to provide a simple way for you to find your real truth, and any insight will come because it's true for you, not because of where it came from.

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